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Tech Roundup Sept. 21 - 25, 2015

Over the Summer 2015

Over this past summer we were extremely busy with projects all over the district. Take a look at some of the projects we tackled.

  1. Complete update of our Cisco phone services. This includes all new servers and software updates . Former student Tommy Schlotterer was extremely helpful assisting with this major project.
  2. Deployment and configuration of 150 Chromebooks and 40 Chromebases.
  3. Removal of 120 Windows XP machines (Windows XP machines needed to be removed per an our audit in the Fall 2014).
  4. Moved all H: drives to a central location at NHS. This enables us to keep H: drives accessible in case of a server crash at other buildings.
  5. Deployment of over 350 laptops for the 1:1  program and teachers throughout the district.
  6. Deployment of approximately 50 desktop units for lab or staff purposes.
  7. Built and update servers within the district.
  8. Added additional security for virus and malware protection.
  9. Moodle upgrade.
NTV - Norwalk Trucker News

NTV goes on-demand. In conjuction with Mrs. Macfarland's media class, we would like to introduce on-demand video announcements. 

Look for live streaming announcements in the near future.

On-demand announcements can be viewed at or by going to > Schools > Norwalk High School > Daily Announcements > On-Demand Daily Announcements> click the link on the page.

Documentation Web Page

We recently started a documentation page located on the districts technology site. Go to District Offices > Technology and navigate to the left where you'll find the page. If you have any suggestions please send them to

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