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Tech Roundup #11

Tech tips, here we go...

Suggested Internet browsers. In preferred order

Not all browsers are alike. Some work well with certain programs and some don't. For example, Java, a program which many game creators use, is not supported in Google Chrome. The alternative browser for these types of games is Firefox.

In some cases, if a website is not working in one browser you may need to use another. Here are the preferred browsers in order recommended by NCSD Technology Department.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer
All of these browsers are loaded on all district machines. If one is not work please try one of the other available browsers.

Saving passwords in Google Chrome or any other browser

This may appear to make it simple for you login into an account, but the down side is when you save a password the browser remembers that password no matter who logs into a computer.

For example, If I save my DASL password (on Chrome) and log out of my computer at the end of the day, then someone else logs into my computer after I leave, they will have access to may DASL account.

Please do not click "Ok" when Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer ask to save your password. Choose "Never" instead.

Blizzard Bag Update:

HS and MS teachers will need to upload their Blizzard Bags to their classroom websites. If you need help contact us at Please post them in PDF form not MS Word.

PreK-3 Blizzard Bag instructions will be sent to the principals next week.

Main St. Blizzard Bag instructions will be sent to teachers next week.

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