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Invocations Before (Regular) Board Meetings

An Invitation to Provide Invocations or Moments of Silence Before Meetings

of the Norwalk City School District Board of Education

The leaders of any assembly that periodically worships or regularly meets in Norwalk for the purpose of worshiping, discussing religious perspectives, or civic, charitable, and/or historical purposes are invited to offer an invocation or moment of silence before a meeting of the Norwalk City School District Board of Education.

Invocation speakers are free to offer an invocation or moment of silence to the Board of Education according to the dictates of their own conscience. The Board requests only that the purpose of the invocation or moment of silence be to solemnize the occasion and that speakers not promote one faith or belief system over others or religion over non­-religion, disparage other faiths or belief systems, attempt to convert others to the speaker's faith or belief system, or encourage audience members to participate.

Please contact Supt. George Fisk by email:, or by US mail: 134 Benedict Ave., Norwalk, Ohio 44857, and provide your name, preferred meeting date, and contact information. To view the meeting dates, click here.

Attachments Available To Download:
District Policy NCSDBOED-2016-001