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Transportation Info

File: EEAA


The Board provides transportation for resident elementary students in grades kindergarten through eight, who live more than one mile from school, and for all students with physical or mental disabilities that make walking impossible or unsafe. Transportation is provided for high school students who reside two miles from the school.

The administration designates and the Board approves areas of residence from which students are provided transportation to schools. The Board may create exceptions to the established eligibility zones.

Resident students attending a joint vocational school are provided with transportation to the program from the high school they are assigned to.

The Board authorizes the staff responsible for administering the student transportation program to require student identification as a prerequisite to riding a school bus when this is deemed necessary.

[Adoption date: October 8, 1996]

[Re-adoption date: August 15, 2006]

[Re-adoption date: February 9, 2016]

LEGAL REFS.: ORC 3327.01; 3327.011

OAC 3301-51-10

CROSS REF.: EEA, Student Transportation Services