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Tech Roundup for Sept. 14- 18, 2015
Ticket Tally

As of Friday the 18th, we're down to 47 tickets . Thanks to all staff for your patience and cooperation during this busiest time of the year.


NOECA recently sent out it's new ProgressBook Suite Sheet for Fall 2015. This newsletter includes updates, events, and more.

Blizzard Bags (coming soon...)

It's getting close to that time of the year. Coming this November we will be offering workshops that will help you get your Blizzard Bags online.

Chromebook For Education

For those looking to use Chromebooks in the classroom. Take a look at this - 30 Ways to use Chromebooks in the Classroom

Quick Tip - Log out of Gmail/Google 

Be sure to log out of Gmail or your Google Account before logging out of your computer. Not logging out of Gmail or your Google Account could leave your account open for the next person that logs into a computer.