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Tech Roundup - 2016-17 #1
Projects and Improvements (Summer 2016)
  • Removed 25 old Epson projectors that were dependent on WEP (old wireless security) key throughout the district. 
  • Replaced old projectors with Epson 98 WPA capable projectors. 
  • Improved wireless security throughout the district by removing building level ssid’s with NCS for Chromebook devices, and NCS-STAFF, and NCS-STUDENT. 
  • Deployed 2 additional Chromebook carts, and 57 additional Chromebooks. 
  • Replaced approximately 90 staff laptops with HP Revolves or HP Folios. 
  • This included moving files and profiles to the new laptops. 
  • Rewired Chromebook carts in the buildings as needed. 
  • Replaced all classroom tech carts, mounted Casio LED projectors, added interactive Mimios at Maple. Added all district projectors to a networked monitoring system. 
  • Re-imaged and prepped 300+ 1:1 devices. Move tech office to different location within the high school (still a work in progress). 
Tech Coordinator in the Building 2016-17 Schedule 

Visits begin the first week of October (October 3rd)

Monday - Pleasant 9:00-10:30 Monday - High School 1:00-2:30
Tuesday - League 9:00-10:30
Wednesday - Middle School 9:00-10:30
Thursday - Maplehurst 10:00-11:30
Friday - Main St. 9:00-10:30

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