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Tech Roundup for Nov. 16- Nov. 25, 2015

Help, my computer won't turn on...

Then try this (see the video below).  If unplugging doesn't work, plug the laptop back in and try again.

This can be done with both HP Elitebook 2740 and HP Elitebook 2760 laptops.

Mark your calendar. December 14th is the launch date for NCSD's Intranet. 

So what is an Intranet?

An in Intranet is a private network with restricted access. Think of NCSD's Intranet as an exclusive club that only NCSD employees have access to.

What you will see on our Intranet?

District forms and policies
School handbooks
Insurance and benefit information
Safety plans for all building

These are just a few things you will have access to. But hey, take a quick peek yourself.

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