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Norwalk, OH 44857
Each school day, the Norwalk City School District's bus fleet of 23 buses serves almost 1,300 eligible (see below) public and parochial students in 14 bus routes, traveling 1,081 miles.  Additionally, the Transportation Department provides busing for athletic contests and educational field trips.
We Have New Software! 

This page is under construction and has only a bit of information, but is very important to us to make sure we are transporting the most important people - your children! More information will follow as we get it.


 If your student will not be using school bus transportation, please let us know and we will change them to “None, parent transport or student driver”.

If you are using a babysitter or day care, please email us at the email below with the name, address and phone number of the baysitter/day care provider. None of this information came over from the old software. Also, if they are getting on and off the bus at a different location, remember, we bus to one place from one place 5 days a week.
We are working hard to get this information entered and ready for you. Please give us until after August 1 to get things fixed and ready. We will be able to give more information as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience while we make these changes.
If you have changes, you can send an email to our Transportation Helpdesk at [email protected] .

Transportation Emails

We will be sending emails out  after August 1 for every Norwalk City School District student. If they no longer need the bus, please let us know and we will make them "none, parent transport" which removes them from transportation.

Norwalk Parochial Students, please let us know if your student will be riding the bus. If they rode last year, we will make sure they are riding this year. If they no longer need the bus, please let us know and we will make them "none, parent transport" which removes them from tranportation.

When sending emails through [email protected], please make sure to include the students name(s) in the email.  It does not carry over to the email we receive. 

If you still have questions, please email Transportation Helpdesk at [email protected].


Cory Schmidt, Director of Support Services
Tim Scheel, Associate Director
Geri Barker, Secretary 


Transportation Info

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