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Immunization Requirements

At the beginning of each school year, or at pupil's initial entry, a pupil has fourteen (14) days to present evidence that he/she is in compliance with the State School Immunization Law. If, after the end of the 14 day grace period, the pupil has not submitted written evidence of compliance, the pupil will be excluded from school until evidence is submitted.

A pupil is in compliance if he/she meets one of the following five criteria:
1. The pupil submits written evidence that he/she meets or exceeds the minimum immunization requirements.

2. The pupil submits a statement, signed by his/her physician, that immunization may be detrimental to the pupil's health.

3. The pupil submits a statement signed by his/her parent of guardian that the parent or guardian objects to immunization for good cause, including religious convictions.

4. The pupil submits written evidence that he/she is "in the process" of completing the required immunizations. "In the process" means that the pupil is immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella and has gad at least one dose of DPT/Td vaccine, one dose of polio vaccine, and one dose of Hepatitis B vaccine.

5. A pupil who has had natural chicken pox, and presents a signed statement from the pupil’s parent, guardian, or physician to that effect, is not required to be immunized against chicken pox.
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