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Maplehurst Elementary 9:00 AM - 3:15 PM

Scholarship Search Engines:

 Newly posted
ScholarshipDeadlineApplicationBrief Description 
Start Talking! Scholarship February 28, 2018 Start Talking! Submit a video about promoting a drug free lifestyle 
National Academy of TV Arts & SciencesFebruary 28, 2018 Arts & Sciences For students who intend to pursue a career in television or a related field 
OAPSE Scholarship March 1, 2018OAPSE Schoalship For students whose parents are OAPSE members 
Firelands Credit Union March 10, 2018 Firelands Credit Union For credit union members or dependents of members
Ashland County Pilot's Assoc March 15, 2018 Pilot's Assoc For students interested in majoring in an aviation field 
Huron County Farm Bureau March 15, 2018 Farm Bureau For farm bureau members or dependents of members
Kiwanis Scholarship  March 15, 2018Kiwanis Open to all students
Don't Text and Drive Scholarship March 31, 2018 Don't Text Develop a plan that persuades young adults from texting and driving 
Ohio News Media Association March 31, 2018 ONMA For students majoring in journalism or communication majors 
Firelands Area Runners Club April 1, 2018 Runners Club Demonstrate an interest and commitment to distance running.  2.5 GPA or higher 
Huron County Fraternal Order of Police  April 1, 2018FOP For students majoring in a law enforcement or criminal justice field
The William D. Squires Educ. Foundation April 5, 2018 Education Foundation Must have financial need, have already selected a career goal, and be highly motivated to reach that goal 
Janotta and Herner April 13, 2018 Janotta and Herner For students majoring in a building design or construction related field with a 3.0 GPA 
Norwalk Athletic Boosters Scholarship April 13, 2018 Athletic Boosters For athletes whose parents are members of the Athletic Boosters 
The Endowment Fund for Norwalk City Schools  April 20, 2018Endowment Fund Open to Norwalk High School Students 
East Central Ohio Pilots Association Scholarship April 30, 2018 ECOPA Scholarship Open to students interested in flight training
Groth and Associates July 31, 2018 Groth and Assoc 
*Must have a G.P.A. of 3.0+
*Must include essay about difficulties or hardships you have had to personally overcome
Cleveland State Blanced ManAugust 1, 2018  Balanced ManFor students who plan to attend Cleveland State and exhibit academic excellence, demonstrate leadership skills, and commit to your health and well-being
American Legion Scholarships variesAmerican LegionScholaships vary, see website
Horatio Alger ScholarshipsvariesHoratio AlgerScholaships vary, see website
Ohio-Michigan Assoc. of Career Colleges  variesOMACCS Scholarships vary, see website
Varsity Tutors College ScholarshipmonthlyScholaships vary, see website


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