In 1867, the Board of Education decided to erect a larger and better building on South Pleasant Street. The old building was small and dilapidated. A lot was bought for 800 dollars and a brick building was erected to accommodate primary scholars. The total amount spent for school purposes in 1867 was $13,035.79. At the graduating exercises in June, there were ten members of the class.


Pleasant Street Elementary is located at 16 S. Pleasant Street and serves over 450 students in 2nd and 3rd grade throughout the Norwalk community. The school has a staff of 20 full-time classroom teachers, 6 full or part time support teachers, and 6 full- or part-time classified employees.


An active PTO and volunteer program greatly enhances the school's offerings and opportunities. Individual parents contribute many hours of service volunteering in the library, classrooms, classroom parties as well as a number of other areas. The PTO provides family activities, school programs and school and playground equipment. The following programs were possible due to the cooperative efforts of the PTO fund raisers which have become school and community traditions: Pleasant Fall Festival, Art Show and  Santa's Christmas Shop, 


The philosophy of the staff at Pleasant Elementary School is to provide a quality education for each individual pupil. Teachers strive to provide an environment conducive to many types of learning. The teachers are responsive to the needs of children and remain flexible in their instruction.

At Pleasant Elementary School, educators hope to instill healthy attitudes in the students, to help them feel secure, happy, and successful in their work. Efforts are made to help pupils develop a sense of school, class, and self-pride, so that each child will feel his or her self-worth. Self-discipline and respect for others are encouraged.

The Pleasant Elementary teachers accept each child at the level he or she is on, and work with each child from that point to progress to a higher level of basic shills and critical thinking. There is constant reevaluation of method, execution, and outcome of instruction by instructional staff and administration.

Education at Pleasant Elementary School means relating today's learning experience to situations our children will face tomorrow.
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