Mrs. Smith's Snippets

Mrs. Smith's Snippets

Pleasant TV Newcast

We are working very hard at Pleasant to bring you updates and encouraging words through this time. Please check back daily to see videos of Mrs. Smith cooking in her kitchen, telling jokes or maybe even reading a story. We can't wait to hear which video was your favorite when you return in April! 

7 Habits

 Today we are learning about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey! 
Mrs. Smith reads the first story called Bored, Bored, Bored from our 7 Habits book! 
Mrs. Smith reads the story Goob and The Bug Collecting Kit from our 7 Habits books.  
Mrs. Smith reads our third story Pokey and the Spelling Test. 
 Tune in to see Mrs. Smith read the story Lily Plants a Garden. 

7 Habits

Mrs. Smith reads our 5TH story today called Jumper and the Lost Butterfly Net. 

right to read week

Mrs. Smith Announces the reading winners! See who won the prizes! 
Watch Mrs. Smith complete her challenge!!
 Mrs. Smith shows us how to make SMORES inside!!!  
Watch Mrs. Smith test out a Garden Experiment!!!  
Check out this awesome experiement with MILK and SOAP!!!

Story book

Mrs. Smith reads us a new story called And Heres to You. 

Pleasant Pride


Basketball skills

 Learn basketball skills with Mrs. Smith and Kenzie. 

Bubble gum blowing contest

Mrs. Smith challenges her granddaughter Kenzie to a BUBBLE BLOWING contest!! 

Experiment/Dirt Pudding

Learn how to make DIRT PUDDING!! You can make it for your family for dessert tonight! 
Mrs. Smith does a super fun experiment with M&MS!!! 

Baking Bread

Mrs. Smith shows us how to bake banana bread!  

Monday Movement

Monday Movement with Mrs. Smith and her special Guest! 

Our Principal Promised to Kiss a PIg

Listen to Mrs. Smith read a new story called Our Principal Promised to Kiss a Pig. 
Mrs. Smith continues our story.
HAPPY FRIDAY!! Mrs. Smith fnishes our story in her PAJAMAS! She also shared some fun pictures of the crazy things she has had to do!    

Tongue Twisters

Watch Mrs. Smith try these silly Tongue Twisters today with her wildy CRAZY hair! 

Home Made Playdough

Mrs. Smith is making HOMEMADE PLAYDOUGH!! How exciting! Watch her video and give it a try. You can send your teacher a picture of your finished dough or post a picture to the Norwalk City Schools facebook page! 

Teamwork Isn't My Thing and I Don't Like to Share

Mrs. Smith is so excited to connect with you each day. Today she will be reading a story called Teamwork Isn't My Thing and I Don't Like to Share. 
Mrs. Smith continues Teamwork Isn't My Thing and I Don't Like to Share.
Hear the end of our story and see if RJ learns to share and become a team player! 

A reminder from Pleasant 3/16

Our teachers and staff wanted to send a quick reminder to our students while they are at home for the next few weeks! We will miss you all very much! And remember... BE KIND.. WORK HARD! 

Parent Academy/ Spirit Week

 Our very first Newscast with our Pleasant Pride student Malayna Sullivan. Mrs. Smith and Malayna inform us about Parent Academy which has unfortunately been postponed until a later date. Malayna tells us all about our spirit week fund raiser, Dollar for Scholars. 
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