School-wide Expectations

School-wide Expectations

School-wide Expectations


1.      Accept the leadership and authority of teachers, principal, and other staff members.

2.      Show respect for school and personal property. Refrain from damaging, defacing, or destroying school or personal property.

3.      Practice good citizenship.

4.      Cooperate with teachers and other pupils.

5.      Be regular and punctual in attendance.

6.      Practice habits of good health and cleanliness.

7.      Dress appropriately and neatly.

8.      Be honest and courteous.

9.      Use acceptable language--no profanity or obscenity.

10. No chewing gum or eating candy.

11. Obtain authorization from school officials before using telephone.

12. Remain on school grounds until dismissed or given permission to leave.

13. Assist in keeping the grounds free of paper and other litter.

14. Behave in an acceptable way to and from school.

15. Keep hands to themselves at all times.

16. Walk and speak quietly in the hallways.

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